Pet Home Safety

Be Sure to Put Things Away

Sometimes our pets can be snoopy. The most common thing we see is pets getting into the garbage or eating something on the counter that they shouldn’t. To prevent your pet from accidentally ingesting something harmful, be sure to keep your place picked up, and put away any hazardous objects or food. If you know your pet shreds toys or shreds beds when nervous, it is best to put those items away while you are out of the house. Keep cabinets closed and latched. It will limit your pet’s access to cleaning supplies, garbage and other products or items that could make them ill. Use child-proof cabinet locks that require agile hands to open if your pet knows how to open cabinets.

Chew-Free Electrical Cords

Some dogs love to gnaw on electrical cords around the house. This is not only dangerous but also really irritating when they destroy your computer cables. Solve the problem by wrapping the cords with split flexible plastic conduit that you get at home centers and automotive stores. Just cut the length you need and push the cords into the pre-split slot. Your dog will soon lose interest in the cords so now you don’t need to fix them.

Provide Your pet With Entertainment

When you are not home, your pet may start to search for alternative forms of entertainment to keep himself busy while they waits for you to come home. Provide them with pet-friendly items to chew or play with as a safe alternative. You can try using interactive toys or chew toys. These toys are designed to keep your pet occupied and mentally stimulated, so they are ideal for a pet when they are home alone.

Close Your Windows

It is important that you make sure that the windows in your home are securely closed and locked before you head out. This will prevent your pet from being able to escape through an open window or jump through a screen. If you must leave your windows open for ventilation, secure them so they can only be opened a few inches wide while you are gone.

Decal on Your Window Specifying That You Have Pets

If you have pets at home, it is also a great idea to put an emergency decal, like the Paw Pals Emergency Decal on your door or at the entrances of your home. This will help emergency responders know to rescue your pets if you ever have an emergency at your house while you are not home. It could very potentially help save one of your pet’s lives and It could be a deterrent to someone who wants to rob your house.