Who are we?

Paw Pals is a professional company, meaning we are licensed, insured, bonded, and have employees, not independent contractors, who genuinely love what they do!  Our staff is individually hand picked, goes through extensive interview & background check processes, and complete an in-depth training program throughout the span of several weeks before they work with any pets. Our training program covers everything from how to hold a leash properly to understanding animal behavior. In addition, many of our employees are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.

Our dog walking & pet sitting team travels to all of Rockland County and select portions of Bergen & Orange Counties. Each family is assigned two sitters, which enables us to ensure you always have coverage for your furkids. When you join our family, we will create an account for you in our online portal which is accompanied by an app for your phone.  Our software is rated the best in our industry and allows clients to schedule and cancel visits, pay their bills, and communicate directly with their sitter. After each visit, clients receive a picture and report about their pawtastic visit with your furbaby. Additionally, we monitor your sitters through GPS tracking for added security, and to make sure a visit is never missed.


Brittanie Mendez

Founder & CEO

Brittanie is the Founder and President of Paw Pals, and is from Pomona, NY. Brittanie has lots of fur-friends at Paw Pals, but at home she has her furbabies Bella (Maltipoo), Emma (Shih Tzu Cotton de Tulear Mix) Marley (Yellow Lab), and Rufus (Pitbul Mix). When she isn’t running Paw Pals, spending time with her sons, or planning local community events, Brittanie likes to read, travel, and watch a little Grey’s Anatomy.


Gabby W.

In Home Care Supervisor

Gabby W is from Congers, NY. When she returns home at the end of a day full of fur-friends and walks, she is excited to be greeted by her cat, Bug, and watch Brooklyn 99 with him. Between episodes, Gabby can be found Googling things, as Gabby does best.


Gabby C.

Daycare Supervisor

Growing up, Gabby’s favorite show was Animal Cops on Animal Planet. She always wonders why her mom let a second grader watch it, but thanks to her because it created her love of animals! At the end of the day Gabby comes home to her American Akita, Cassie, and her two cats Tom and Sylvester, and lots of fish too!

christian bio.png


Daycare Supervisor

Cristian has lots of experience and love for our fur-family. He enjoys traveling, and has been to more countries then he has states. When he isn’t at Paw Pals, Cristian can be found walking his Posky, Balto, or re-watching Game of Thrones.



Groomer and Senior In Home Care Specialist

Stephanie believes in mind over matter, loves to laugh and is constantly striving to better herself. When she’s not grooming pups, she can be found binge watching Roswell New Mexico, or re-watching her favorite animal features like Balto, Must Love Dogs, and Hachi: A Dogs Tale.



Administrator and In Home Care Provider

Rebecca’s life is engulfed by love not just from her fur-friends, but from her close family, including her five year old son! When Rebecca isn’t at Paw Pals, she can be found bonding with her son watching Paw Patrol, or reminiscing about her days as a Veterinary Technician!



Administrator and In Home Care Provider

“Question everything, make sure to adventure, and always remember to love,” are the words Kasy lives by. When she isn’t working, she can be found watching Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn 99, and The Good Place. Fun fact: She’s really good at sounding like a cat, so don’t let her fool you!



Daycare Pack Leader

Wanda enjoys being a mommy to 2 beautiful girls, and Mason her Maltese. Wanda is constantly working on herself and her knowledge and ability to work with any and all pets. In her spare time she can be found watching Chicago PD, Pit bulls and Paroles, and Too Cute.



In Home Care Provider

Emily is from North Rockland and is the proud dog mom to 2 Havaneses’, Jackson and Charlie, and seven turtles! Emily became a turtle mom when she was seven, and has been taking care of the reptiles ever since. When she isn’t with her animal friends, she can be found watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”



In Home Care Provider

Tara, from Stony Point, NY, has a fun and loving Cockapoo named Milo, and enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. Her favorite quote, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,” inspired her to join the team.


Jose, “Junior”

In Home Care Provider



In Home Care Provider


Patrick A.

Daycare Pack Leader

Patrick is from West Haverstraw and is a graduating senior at North Rockland High School who will be attending college in Chicago this year. When Patrick isn’t at Paw Pals, he can be found watching animal documentaries with his Ferret, Noodle.

IMG_7090 (1).JPG


Dog Walker

Megan raises and trains puppies for the Seeing Eye. Megan has raised six German Shepherds and also has fostered many dogs. In her free time she enjoys hiking, going on adventures with her three sisters and watching Planet Earth.


Devaughn, DJ

Daycare Pack Leader

DJ is from Garnerville, NY and leads a hectic life, but looks forward to coming to the daycare each week and playing with all of his fur-friends. When DJ isn’t at Paw Pals, he can be found leading his Summit Cheer Team to victory, or watching Game of Thrones with Simba, his Pit Bull Terrier.



In Home Care Provider

Tyler, from Tappan, NY, has 3 schnauzer puppies at home, Cooper, Beamer, and Hummer. Tyler is constantly making music, but when he has to take a break he can be found binge watching shows like Catdog, Bar Rescue, and Shark Tank. Tyler always remembers, “You gotta believe.”




Kimberly is a college student studying to eventually practice pet therapy. She has three fur babies, her cat Angel, her special needs cat Winnie, and her pup Julie. She hopes to follow in her idol Freddie Mercury’s footsteps by some day owning a house where she can give each fur-baby their own bedroom. When she’s not working she can be found rewatching the office and listening to Queen.

Mary p.

Daycare Supervisor

Mary is from Blauvelt, NY and her favorite show on Netflix is That 70’s Show. At the end of the day Mary likes to go home to her 7 year old lab beagle mix named Jack.


Dog Walker

Sophia is currently a student studying art therapy. She has loved animals since she was young and is excited to be able to work with them. In Sophia’s free time she likes to spend time with her pups Neena and Pixie.


Daycare Pack Leader

Knahila’s ultimate dream is to be a farmer with her own land full of all sorts of animals. In the meantime, she is studying psychology, watching all of her favorite shows, and spending time with her furry pals, Frida, Teddy, and Kiera



Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter

Jake grew up with lots of birds, turtles, cats, and dogs. His love for animals started at a young age. From fostering them to working at an animal hospital working with and caring for all sorts of animals has always been a passion of his. When Jake gets home he looks forward to seeing his 2 cats Figgy and Saffron.

isabella bio.png


Daycare Pack Leader

Isabella has a passion for taking care of and training animals, and looks forward to helping your family! She is certified in Pet Tech CPR and Pet Tech First Aid. Isabella also has experience with cat and dog feeding, exercise, and exotic pet care. When she’s not at the daycare, you can find Isabella with her sun conure Maya, rabbit Luna, and her cats Chloe and Nina.



In Home Care Provider

Trevor is from Los Angeles, CA and has a Golden Retriever, Barbie, a Super Mix, Dante, and a cat, Mimi. When Trevor isn’t taking care of his furbabies and his fur-friends at Paw Pals he is a children with special needs care provider.



Dog Walker

Mary favorite movie is Gone with the Wind and her favorite show to watch is Grey’s Anatomy. When shes not working she can be found at home with her 3 rescue dogs Duck, Daisy, and Lily.

Patrick m.

Pack Leader

Patrick is a student at Purdue University. He has loved dogs his entire life and getting to work with them has increased the love he has for animals. At the end of the day, Patrick loves to go home to his 2 dogs Max and Koda.



Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Victoria is from Long Island, NY and is a music teacher in the North Rockland School District. When she’s not teaching, you can find her hanging out with her cat Dexter, playing clarinet, or hiking.



Daycare Pack Leader

Gregory loves working with animals and being around them. He knows dogs can be a lot of work at times, but it’s fun nonetheless. Greg is glad to be working at Paw Pals and when he’s not with his furry friends at the daycare, you can find him watching Naked and Afraid and re watching episodes of The crocodile hunter.



Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Brian is a part time graduate student and a full time animal lover who resides in Rockland County. His extra curricular activities include pulp science fiction, synthesizers, and skateboarding. At the end o f the day Brian likes to come home to his golden retriever, Crystal.



Daycare Pack Leader

Gabriel lives and breathes for animals. She couldn’t imagine a world without those little and big furry creatures. Even though Gabriel isn’t going to school to study animals, she couldn’t imagine going a day without interacting with one to some degree. She lives by 2 motto’s, “Hakuna Matata” and “Bear Necessities”. At the end of the day Gabriel loves to go home to her two furry family members, her cat Fudge and her dog Coco.