In-Home Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting services are offered between 8:30am-9:30pm (except overnights). Walks are performed in or around your neighborhood and/or playtime in your back yard. Included with our pet sitting services is a custom client login to our client portal. After each visit you will receive an email update with pictures and a quick summary of how much fun we had with your pet! Services always provided with pet sitting visits: Meal Time & Cleanup, Changing WeeWee Pads, Bringing in the Mail, Alternating Lights & Blinds, & Administering Oral Medications.


Pet Sitting

  • 15 Minute Visit $15

  • 30 Minute Visit $19

  • 45 Minute Visit $26

  • 1 Hour Visit $32

Discounted rate based on 3 visits to your home per day while you are away on vacation. Discount applies when 3 or more visits of 15 minutes or up are scheduled in a single day. You may select any combination of visit times. Discount does not apply to 10 minute visit or overnight stays. Add $4 per additional pet per visit.



overnight stay

  • $85 per Night

An overnight stay includes a Paw Pals staff member arriving at your home between 9-10pm and leaving in the morning after breakfast (approximately 10 hours). The overnight stay will consist of a late night meal (if applicable) accompanied by a walk and playtime followed by breakfast the next morning with a walk and playtime. The overnight stay does not include any midday visits. These may be added on at the regular walk fee. Our clients usually add at least 1 visit during the day for their pets to relieve themselves and get exercise.



cat & small animal care

  • 10 Minute Visit $12

  • 15 Minute Visit $15

  • 30 Minute Visit $22

  • 45 Minute Visit $30

  • 1 Hour Visit $38

The visit is personalized to your pals needs and routine. Each visit will include energizing interaction, meal time & cleanup, litter scooping, medications (if needed), and basic home care. Minimum requirement of one visit per day while you are away on vacation. Add $4 per additional pet pet per visit.