Frequently Asked Questions

Paw Pals has compiled the following list of the most frequently asked questions for our doggy daycare, pet sitting services, and dog walking services. If your questions are not answered here, please feel to contact our knowledgeable staff.



General FAQ

What kind of animals do you care for?

We care for most animals, as long as they don’t pose a danger to our pet sitters.

Do you only care for dogs?

In our dog daycare we only care for dogs. For our in-home services we also care for cats, birds, fish, chickens, and numerous other animals.

What hours do you provide services?

Our dog daycare is open M-F 8-6pm and Sat-Sun 9-5pm. Pet Sitting and dog walking visits are generally between 8:30 am to 9:30 pm. Other times can be arranged. Overnight visits are also available from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am.

Do you offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee?

You want to know that your pets will be cared for just the way you specify. We will guarantee it every time! If you are not 100% satisfied with the service that was provided, we will be happy to address your concerns. We believe in lasting client relationships, so our service is only complete when you return home and are completely satisfied.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. We are a licensed company. We carry liability insurance and all sitters are bonded as well through Pet Sitters Associates. Our sitters are also employees vs independent contractors so they are covered under workers compensation. This is a very big difference when you choose us! All teammates are screened prior to employment.

Do you board pets?

Yes, we can board up to 5 dogs per day. We also provide daily visits for your pets or we can stay overnight as well. We also offer the "Perfect Balance" package which includes transportation to and from our daycare facility along with an evening visit with a pet sitter before bedtime while you are away. It is truly the perfect balance of play and rest while you enjoy your vacation. We will customize a schedule to fit your pets needs.

How is payment handled?

We accept cash, check, and credit card for our daycare services. For our in-home services, we only accept credit/debit cards which are charged weekly by Paw Pals. In order to make a reservation a valid credit card must be on file. Fees are earned upon email confirmation of service reservations. Payments must be made prior to service. Clients are required to have a credit card on file in our system before they can schedule dog walking or pet sitting services. Our pet sitting and dog walking scheduling system integrates with Stripe to securely store customer credit card information. Only the last four digits of your credit card number are visible to Paw Pals. After your service requests are approved, you can login to your account and pay your invoice. If you have not paid with credit card prior to your first visit, we will automatically charge your credit card for the balance. All of your paid and unpaid invoices are always available for you to view or print at any time in your online account. For pet sitting accounts: If we do not receive payment by your first visit and/or your credit card is declined when we attempt to charge your card, we will make every attempt to contact you to resolve the issue. If we cannot get in touch with you within 24 hours, we will call your emergency contact to take over pet sitting services. Daily dog walking accounts may submit payment at the weeks' end.

What is your mailing address?

36 Dye Street Garnerville, NY 10923

What is your cancellation policy?

Dog daycare cancellations must be submitted by 6pm the day prior. If your request is not changed or canceled by 6:00pm sharp, a $15.00 no show fee will be added to your account. Our staff will process cancellations and changes at close time (6:00pm) and promptly notify anyone on the waiting list if a spot becomes available. Please allow enough time when emailing for it to arrive and be processed by 6:00pm. We have a no-show fee to encourage owners to cancel reservations that they don't need. This opens up spots for dogs that need care who might have otherwise been turned away on a busy day.

Pet Sitting, Overnights, and Pet Taxi: Cancellations may be made through our online portal up to 1 week in advance of your scheduled service at which a total refund will be given. If canceling less than 7 days prior to the first visit of your scheduled service period, a fee of 25% of the total service fee is applied and if cancelled less than 3 days a fee of 50% of the total service fee is applied. Any remaining balance of fees paid will be credited to your account. If you are home during a scheduled visit and neglect or forget to cancel and your sitter arrives at your home, the full price of the service will be charged. If you cancel any part of your scheduled reservation, such as ending the reservation early, you are responsible for the entire initial reservation fee. We only reserve so many spots for these services and may have turned down potential stays/visits due to your reservation, for this reason no refunds or credits will be issued for any visits canceled on the day of service and you will be charged in full.

Dog Walking: Cancellations must be made through the client portal. For regularly scheduled dog walks cancellations may be made up to 6pm on the day prior to scheduled service to receive full credit. Cancellations made after 6pm or if your sitter arrives at your home due to non-notification, you will be charged in full for the visit(s) for that day.

What is your privacy policy?

Paw Pals, a Quiet Storm Group, LLC company, will safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information we obtain from you. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect for the purpose of your pets visits and to process your credit card transactions. This notice describes our privacy policy as it relates to the collection, protection and disclosure of such information resulting from credit card transactions and client registrations and profiles. The credit card information provided by you to Paw Pals will be stored in a confidential manner.

Dog Daycare FAQ

What are the benefits of dog daycare, especially a boutique daycare such a Paw Pals?

Besides giving you a safe environment to leave your dog in, it will also help with their socialization and help them to stay fit and active. Our Boutique Dog Daycare offers additional features such as individualized attention, more one-on-one time, daily scheduled playtime and activities, easy socialization, ideal staff to canine ratio, increased safety, and decreased violent incidents.

What vaccinations are required for my dog to use Paw Pals' services?

At Paw Pals, your dog’s safety and wellbeing is our first and foremost concern. That’s why we have a number of measures in place such as double doors, full walls, certified pet-friendly cleaning supplies, floors made from compressed rubber to reduce the impact on the pads of dog’s feet, joints and hips, soundproofing throughout to keep nervous dogs at ease and a climate-controlled environment.

We’ve also put various protocols in place to reduce the risk of illness and accidents. To further this objective, we require that all furry friends are current on required vaccines. Vaccinations must be given by your veterinarian at least 7 days before attending Paw Pals daycare.

Required Vaccinations for Daycare: Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. Additionally, we ask that all dogs are free of any communicable diseases for 30 days. Below is additional info on the required vaccines: • Rabies: Required once at 16 weeks of age in puppies, then given again 1 year later (1 year, 4 mos. of age) and then every three years going forward. Dogs are required by law to be vaccinated against the rabies virus because this deadly virus can spread to humans. • DHPP (DHLPP) (also called Distemper): Required as a puppy series beginning at 6-8 weeks old, boosted twice at 3-week intervals and again a year later. Like rabies, after the first year, the distemper/parvo combination vaccine can be given every three years. • Bordetella: Required to be current by 12 months from date of vaccine. Most veterinarians recommend the Bordetella vaccine be given every 6 months to maintain a high level of immunity for dogs who are often in social settings.

*Influenza vaccine is not required but highly recommended if available in your area

For our in-home services, we simply require the Rabies vaccine.

Can my puppy attend daycare?

Yes, puppies 4 months and older whom are fully vaccinates may attend daycare. We will conduct evening puppy socialization classes. Take a look at our monthly schedule or call us for class schedules and info.

Do you accept all breeds?

We do not discriminate towards any breed. All breeds are welcome so long as they pass our temperment test.

Does my dog need to have a flea and tick preventative?

Paw Pals requires all dogs to be on a topical or oral flea and tick preventative (excluding flea and tick collars). Product suggestions: K-9 Advantix, Frontline Plus, Advantage.

Why do you require that dogs are spayed or neutered at 7 months?

We understand that there are many important factors that go into making the decision to alter your dog. Recently, there has been veterinary research that reports some benefits from waiting a little longer than what was previously recommended to spay or neuter. Equally, there are benefits to spaying and neutering before dogs become fully mature. At Paw Pals, we are focused on the health and safety of all the dogs that come play with us. Our main reason for requiring dogs to be altered is to reduce the potential levels of aggression that testosterone can create. It is not always the un-neutered male that can create the tension, but detectable hormones released by an intact dog can trigger other dogs to become more aggressive. Additionally, we have the reproductive concern for dogs in open play.

What happens if there’s an incident between my dog and another?

At Paw Pals, we strive to create a safe environment for dogs but we acknowledge that not every dog will get along. Our team is highly trained to understand dog body language, and if we see that a dog is becoming agitated and aggressive, we will take steps to remove that dog from the situation before it can escalate.

Since our environment is like a child’s daycare, we do acknowledge that the occasional squabble may break out. That’s why we train our team to recognize these situations and remove a dog that may cause problems with other canines. If there is ever an issue, we will notify you right away.

Why is my dog sometimes seen in "time out" during open play time?

At Paw Pals, we work hard at creating a safe environment for dogs. Although every dog is evaluated prior to open play, disagreements or altercations may and will occur from time to time – similar to the playground at a child’s daycare. Our team is highly trained to understand dog body language and proactively manage the playrooms so that when one dog offers a correction to another that is not well received, we intercede before it escalates. This may result in removing a dog from open play or doing rotations among dogs in potential conflict. Additionally, staff is also trained to recognize that dogs sometimes need a little “me time”, so we utilize "time out" to allow this quiet time for the dog.

What does the dog daycare meet and greet entail?

A meet and greet will be conducted on-site by one of our trained professionals with every dog before bringing them into a playroom. Our trained team with talk to the pet parent about the dog’s history and health. Once complete, the dog joins our team member in a separate room to observe how they react when away from their parent. During this time, we will conduct a snout to tail assessment to identify sensitivities in touch that the dog may have. If a dog is sensitive to touch in one area this is not necessarily an issue, but it is important for their comfort that our team is aware of any sensitivities.

We then begin bringing additional dogs into the controlled play area one at a time to assess the comfort level of the dog. Our team observes how the dog interacts with the other canines to determine their suitability for an open play environment.

If for some reason the dog is not yet ready for open play, the team member will recommend steps the parent can take to help address the observed issue(s). Any dog is always welcome to come back for a follow-up evaluation after any issues have been addressed.

This process assesses your dog’s temperament and determines if Paw Pals’s facility will be a right fit for your pet or our in-home services may be a better option for your pet.

I have an older dog, what steps will you take to ensure that they are comfortable?

Our playroom’s flooring is made of compressed rubber, the same material they use in day cares for children. Not only does this protect the pads of dogs’ feet, it also provides a comfortable walking service for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and other ailments.

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting FAQ

Why should I use a Paw Pals sitter?

Your pet will remain in their familiar, secure environment and follow their customary diet and exercise routine. Your pet is not exposed to illness of other animals. Most importantly, your pet receives lots of one-on-one love and personal attention while you are away. Our sitters have been certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. We have NO black out dates! Our sitters are completely backed up by one of our other sitters in cases of emergency, illness or sitter vacations. Paw Pals sitters are employees who have passed a thorough background check, gone through extensive training, and are under our bonding and liability insurance as well as Workers Compensation of Paw Pals. Additionally, you will receive real time updates via email with pictures and stories of how much fun your sitter had with your furbaby! But most importantly, we are loving, dependable, trustworthy pet lovers who will adore your pets just as much as you do!

What information do I need to provide at the initial consultation?

Prior to the consultation, you will need to setup an account on our Client Portal and fill out your profile and a profile for all of your pets completely. We will then have all the information we need about your pets allowing us to spend the consultation time getting to know you and your pets. To get started, please click on the Client Portal link.

We do ask that your pets are up to date on vaccinations and require an up to date rabies vaccination. We require a copy of their vaccination record from your veterinarian along with a completed Veterinary Authorization Form. We need 2 keys so the sitter can have one and the other kept in a locked file cabinet at the office in case of emergency.

Is the meet and greet free?

The initial consultation (meet and greet) is FREE . We prefer to have the meet and greet within 3 weeks of your services beginning.

Who do we meet during our new client meeting and where do we meet?

During the meet and greet you will meet the pair of walkers who will be responsible for caring for your pets. They are set up in pairs so there is always someone there to care for your pet in cases of someone needing a day off or crazy schedule days with last minute requests. We come to your home for the new client meeting so that we can meet your dog in his or her familiar environment, learn where you keep food, treats, bowls, leashes, etc. and test your key. Please have a copy of your dog’s vaccination records and a completed Veterinary Authorization Form for your sitters.

Will I always have the same dog walker / pet sitter?

Our goal at Paw Pals is to create a personal experience while enjoying the comforts of a professional service. For this reason, we make every effort for the same assigned sitters to visit your home every time. For clients with a daily reoccurring dog walking schedule you will be assigned a specific dog walker and this walker will have a designated back up walker so you can enjoy the comfort of not having too many individuals in and out of your home. However in cases of emergencies and last minute bookings, we will utilize any of our staff members to ensure your pet receives the care they need. If you have multiple visits in one day, you will see both of your assigned walkers share the responsibility of caring for your pets. Our visits start as early as 8:30am and end as late as 10:30pm (not including overnight visits). In order to foster a healthy work environment and ensure your pets are receiving the quality of care that you expect and deserve, we have your team of walkers split walks. For the occasional dog walk, pet sit, or in cases of emergency visits, we will do our best to send your usual walker/sitter however that may not always be a possibility.

How do I communicate with my dog walker/sitter? May I have their phone number?

At the completion of every visit, your walker/sitter will fill out the pet visit log in your home and message you through our online portal with a quick note and/or picture. We ask that you do not request the cell phone number of your walker/sitter, however through our amazing online client portal you are able to communicate with your sitters through the conversation piece. They check this periodically throughout the day between walks when time permits. Please keep in mind our walkers/sitters have very busy schedules and their main focus is on your pet(s) and the road when they are driving, for this reason you may not receive an immediate response. For any questions you may have or emergencies please contact us directly at 845-444-2255, or via email to If an emergency should arise your walker will also contact the owner or their manager immediately in order to contact you.

What do you do on a visit?

Our dog walking and pet sitting visits are personalized to your pet's needs and routine. Each visit will include energizing interaction, a walk in or around your neighborhood and/or playtime in your back yard, feeding per your instructions, fresh water, dogs walked, love and play time, brushing, litter box cleaned, bird cage cleaned, medication given if needed, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off. Lots of TLC.

We do not need a walk every day, can you still help us?

Absolutely! We understand that everyone's schedule is a little different and we do our best to accommodate in any way that we can. Additionally, we do not require any weekly minimums.

Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

We book your visits within a time frame and will be there during that time. If you are booking a cat visit for the morning and it is during peak times such as holidays we will be there in the later mornings due to the fact that we need to get to dog visits first, unless of course you have a cat that needs medicine at a critical time. If time is critical, please let us know.

If my pet has an “accident”, do you clean it up?

Absolutely! We will clean up after your pets to the best of our ability. If there are always accidents, we will ask you to book an additional visit in the day. We will do a walk through to check for accidents.

Do I always have to give you 2 keys?

Yes. Paw Pals will pick up 2 copies of your house key during your complimentary meet and greet. These keys must be labeled with your pet’s name and the town you live in. Please do not include your address or your last name for security purposes. Paw Pals will retain your house key unless you request otherwise. In the event of an unexpected trip, you’ll be glad we have it on file. Keys are kept in a secured lock system and are coded for customer’s confidentiality. If you choose not to have Paw Pals retain a key, picking up and returning your keys requires two extra trips and there will be a $10 charge per trip for time and mileage. A second option for key return is via U.S. mail. To cover costs, the charge for this option is $5. If we are provided with only one key, Paw Pals will make one additional copy of the key and a charge of $5 will be added to your invoice. It is incredibly important we have a second copy of the key in case there is an unforeseen occurrence. Additionally, garage codes are accepted for ease of entry, however, we still require 2 copies of keys. There have been instances of power outages or garage malfunctions and for this reason we require a set of keys so that we may still care for your pet. We do not leave keys in your house upon our last visit. If your trip unexpectedly becomes extended, we need to ensure that we still have access to your home to care for your pets. Please remember we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

I have a garage/door code, do I still need to give the sitter a key?

Yes, we still require a key. There have been incidents of power outages, garage/door codes not working, and batteries dying on garage/door key pads inhibiting us from entering your home and caring for your pet. For this reason, we still ask for a copy of the house key.

I live in a secure building, how is that handled?

Due to our schedule we are not able to wait for a desk person to let us in the building and up to your floor each day. If the fob is required for the elevator, then clients generally provide us with the fob.

What happens in an emergency? Is there a form I need to fill out to authorize emergency care?

Yes, Please fill this form out and give it to your sitters during your complimentary meet and greet. Veterinary Authorization Form

May I give my pet sitter / dog walker a gratuity?

Absolutely! You may leave cash for your sitter at your home and leave a note so they are aware it is for them. You may also leave a gratuity with your payment made through the client portal. Gift cards are also a great idea and appreciated.

Do you pick up my dog’s waste when you are walking?

Yes, we do. Although not required, it is appreciated when you provide the bags.

Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

No, we accept dogs at whatever stage of learning they are at. Dog walking often helps with training. We like to know and use whatever commands and behaviors you and your pet are practicing so that we can reinforce the behaviors you want to see with your dog. We use basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” “off “, “lay down,” and “leave it,” and welcome your suggestions. In cases where a dog is unable to be easily controlled on a walk, we may ask that a different leash, collar, or harness be purchased to continue services.

Will you walk my dog with a retractable leash?

No, we only walk dogs with standard leashes.

How do you ensure my pet’s safety?

Your pet’s safety is a top concern of ours. All dogs are walked on-leash (unless otherwise instructed) and never left unattended. If walking in a group, dog temperaments and dispositions are matched to ensure they are a good fit with one another. All of our employees go through an intense, in-depth Paw Pals training course including classroom and hands-on training covering everything from how to hold a leash to readind animal behavior and first aid. Most of our dog walkers and pet sitters are Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. During our initial consultation, please go over any health or safety concerns you may have with your pet.

May I book my visits through my pet sitter directly?

No, All visits should be booked through our online booking system or calling/texting (845) 444-2255. You may also email us at Your visits will NOT be covered under our liability insurance if you do not book through Paw Pals. Please contact the office for all bookings and cancellations. It is fine if you would like as a courtesy to let your sitter know you may not need a visit but please realize we make your sitters schedule and we do have a cancellation policy and it is not up to your sitter to give you a credit.

Can I be assured of same pet sitter each time?

We prefer to have the continuity of the same pet sitter each time. However, if the sitter is not available then a fully informed substitute sitter will be available for back up.

How long are your visits?

Visits depend on the amount of time you request. We offer visits as short as 10 minutes and as long as 1 hour. Please keep in mind that we will need a few minutes to leash your dog, wipe paws, fill water bowls, etc during each visit, so not every moment will be spent outdoors.

I don’t have time to meet one of your sitters. Will you take care of my pets without meeting them?

No, we do require an initial consultation before taking care of your pets.

Can I have every other day cat visits?

No, all cats will be visited no less then once every 24 hours. No exceptions will be made. This is for the health of your fur-baby.

What happens in severe weather?

Paw Pals requests the name and phone number of a person living nearby. If the Paw Pals pet care provider is physically unable to reach your home due to impassable roads, we will contact that person. Your pets’ health and well-being is our utmost concern and we will contact you as soon as possible to keep you informed of these events. This is pertaining to snow, ice, hurricanes, severe storms.

Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I’m away?

Yes, absolutely! We are use industry leading software that will provide you with real time updates after each visit including photos and a full report card.

Do you charge a holiday fee?

Yes, we do. We pet sit 365 days a year. We do charge a holiday fee of $5 per visit on the following holidays. New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day (weekend if applicable), Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. On the following major holidays we charge for the weekend. This is a way for us to reward our pet sitters who are giving of their holiday time. We do not offer overnight visits on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and Independence Day

I have never used an overnight pet sitter before; can you tell me a little bit about this service?

We offer a 10 hour overnight visit from about 9/10 pm to 7/8 am. Overnight visits give you peace of mind of knowing that your home is being looked after as well as your pets getting lots of extra attention. If your pets are used to sleeping in your bed with you, we are happy to have them sleep in the bed with us too! Typically our clients will add one midday visit in addition to the overnight so their pets may relieve themselves during the day.

Will I receive a refund if I leave later than expected or return early?

No, please understand that we have made time for your visits and may have turned other people down to allow time for your pets. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. There will be no refunds, but we will credit your account for future use.

What happens if I did not leave enough food for my pet(s)?

We will notify you that there is not enough food so that you are aware and perhaps you have more food in another place in your home. If we do need to make a special trip to purchase food we will be glad to do so. There will be a $25 trip charge plus the cost of the food. Your credit card will be charged. If an extra trip to your home is needed for an extra visit to feed your pets, that will be charged as well.

How will I get my key back if I move or discontinue service if you are keeping my keys on file?

We will be glad to mail your keys upon your request. The fee will be $5. If you need them to be dropped off, we can arrange that as well. There will be a trip charge of $10 per trip for time and mileage for this service.