Home Grooming Tips


Question: How often should I bathe my dog?


Answer: Most vets recommend that you shouldn’t bathe your dog more than once a month, as more than that can dry out their skin. Obviously, if they roll in something messy or smelly, you can bathe them sooner, but there are many products for in-between use. There are many over-the-counter wipes and fragrance sprays that are safe to use on your dog. During baths, it is recommended to put cotton balls in your dog’s ears to keep water from getting in and causing some potential health issues. If you would like more advice on what to use, you can ask the pet store employees or your personal veterinarian.

Question: What kind of shampoos should I use on my dog?

Answer: The most commonly recommended type of shampoo is one with an oatmeal base. These are good for all skin types. If your dog needs a medicated shampoo, speak with your veterinarian on what to get.

Question: My dog makes it impossible to clip his/her nails. What can I do to make it easier?


Answer: Training usually starts as a puppy with lots of paw and ear touching when they’re at rest/comfortable to get them used to the sensation. Since not everyone gets their dog as a puppy, it helps to think of your dog as you would a small child. Positive reinforcement is a must! Lots of praise and your dog’s favorite treats should be used to bribe and reward. Sometimes, due to a traumatic experience in your dog’s past, this may not be possible.  In those cases, for your safety and your dog’s, it is probably better to have them professionally trimmed by a groomer or your veterinary team.

Question: Should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Answer: Only the ones you want him/her to keep ;-)

Question: How should I brush my dog’s teeth?


Answer: First, start with a toothpaste specially made for dogs and one that’s approved by a veterinary dental board. Your veterinarian probably has samples you can try. Next, start small. Toothbrushes can be very scary to your dog, so it’s better to start with your finger. You can use a piece of gauze that’s moistened with water and then add a very small amount of toothpaste. Use your finger with the gauze on it to gently rub your dog’s teeth. The side of the the teeth facing the lips/cheek are more important than the tongue side. Once your dog is used to your finger, you can get a finger-tip brush or even a small toothbrush. Just remember to go slowly and gradually work your way up. Always give lots of praise and a treat afterwards to make it a positive experience for your pup and make your job easier in the future.