What is a "Quiet Dog Daycare?"


“What do you mean you have a "Quiet Dog Daycare?" So you're saying my dog can't bark?”

Below is a portion of the Instagram live video Pack Leader Gabby took on December 13, 2018. She thought it would be cool because of the snow we had that morning...which it is...but what I see that’s cooler is happy, quiet dogs. This is what healthy group play looks like! 

When I first set out to open the Paw Pals Daycare I told everyone about our “Quiet Dog Daycare” philosophy. Many thought I was a little nutty and probably thought it was because I didn’t want to hear dogs barking all day. Truth is, I’m probably a little nutty 😂 and dogs barking all day in my ear would be difficult, however, it would be difficult because I know if a dog is barking it means 1 of 2 things. 

1. They’re is something wrong and they need help or...
2. They’re bored and want attention. 

So what do we do at Paw Pals?! We keep the doggies engaged and we make sure they’re safe. Do they bark sometimes? Of course!! Especially when the mailman comes in 🤣 But in general, this is what our day is like. Hanging with a great looking group of dogs that are weaving in and out of one another, relaxed with their tails up. We’ve had many people watch this and say their dog wouldn’t be able to behave like these guys and our response is give us a try! Our pack leaders along with the other dogs will pave the way for them!


Watch to see why Paw Pals is NOT your ordinary daycare!