Puppy Daycare Socialization Course

Puppy Daycare Socialization Course


The Puppy Socialization Package is a 5 day course which includes full day daycare for each day. The critical socialization period for puppies ends at about 4 months of age. During this time, you can shape the puppy’s view of his world at a stage in the puppy’s life when he is receptive to learning. Positive experiences help him learn that new things are fun, and hopefully he’ll remember the good association when he encounters them again later. It’s important for pet parents to take advantage of the socialization period and provide their puppy with positive experiences in the world.

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Socialization is more than just introducing puppies to other dogs. That is certainly one aspect of socialization and it’s the one aspect that you can easily provide in a dog daycare. But a puppy needs to get socialized to everything else in the world too: cars, bikes, other people, children, men with hats, people carrying bags, pushing carts, household sounds, different flooring textures, buses, etc...the list can go on and on.  Having a young puppy attend daycare is great socialization the first time the puppy shows up! After that, the puppy knows the staff, he knows the environment, and he has met some dogs. Things are no longer novel to him and this really no longer counts as socialization. After that first visit, you can provide him with a safe and healthy outlet for his energy, but he is missing out on his socialization. 

Our program will provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment to help socialize your puppy while also being an energy outlet for your puppy during it’s critical period of socialization. During our 5 day course, we will expose your puppy to different sounds, experiences, people, obstacles, etc. Examples are: grooming your puppy (taking a bath, cutting nails, blow dryer), walking on different surfaces and over different obstacles like ladders, meeting Santa, mimicking a vet visit (getting on the table).  In addition, we will teach sit, down, & come. Our course will end with a graduation ceremony, certificate of completion, and photo!

*The program is designed for the puppy to attend at least once per week and be completed by the time the puppy is 4 months old.