NEW! Italian Herbs Treats

NEW! Italian Herbs Treats


Made with simple, human-quality, ingredients that help boost your dog’s immune, digestive and circulatory systems and work to improve your dog’s overall health and appearance.

  • Made in the USA, in a certified human-grade bakery, to ensure only the best products go into each treat.

  • No salt, sugar, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, or animal by-products

  • Baked crisp to help promote teeth cleaning and tarter control.

  • Puppy Grandma’s Treats have a long shelf life – 12 months from baking! We bake frequently and in small batches to ensure you get the freshest product.

Ingredients: Garbonzo bean flour, potato flour, tomatoes, olive oil, parsley, oregano, garlic. Crude protein (max) 21.3%, crude fat (max) 3.5%, crude fiber (min) 4.1% moisture (min) 4.8%

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