Our Team


Brittanie Mendez

Founder & CEO

Brittanie is the Founder and President of Paw Pals, and is from Pomona, NY. Brittanie has lots of fur-friends at Paw Pals, but at home she has her furbabies Bella (Maltipoo), Emma (Shih Tzu Cotton de Tulear Mix) Marley (Yellow Lab), and Rufus (Pitbul Mix). When she isn’t running Paw Pals, spending time with her sons, or planning local community events like the Paws for Safety event on May 18th, Brittanie likes to read, travel, and watch a little Grey’s Anatomy.


Gabby W.

In Home Care Supervisor

Gabby W joined the team in August of 2018, and is from Congers, NY. When she returns home at the end of a day full of fur-friends and walks, she is excited to be greeted by her cat, Bug, and watch Brooklyn 99 with him. Between episodes, Gabby can be found Googling things, as Gabby does best.


Gabby C.

Daycare Supervisor

Gabby C joined the Paw Pals team in July of 2018. At the end of the day she comes home to her American Akita, Cassie, and her two cats Tom and Sylvester, and lots of fish too! Growing up, Gabby’s favorite show was Animal Cops on Animal Planet. She always wonders why her mom let a second grader watch it, but thanks her because it created her love of animals!



Daycare Supervisor

Christian is a new member of the Paw Pals Team, with lots of experience and love for our fur-family. Christian enjoys traveling, and has been to more countries then he has states. When he isn’t at Paw Pals, Christian can be found walking his Posky, Balto, or re-watching Game of Thrones.



Groomer and Senior In Home Care Specialist

Stephanie has been with Paw Pals for 4 years, and believes in mind over matter. Stephanie loves to laugh and is constantly striving to better herself. When she’s not grooming pups, she can be found binge watching Roswell New Mexico, or re-watching her favorite animal features like Balto, Must Love Dogs, and Hachi: A Dogs Tale.



Administrator and In Home Care Provider

Rebecca has been with Paw Pals for a year! Rebecca’s life is engulfed by love not just from her fur-friends, but from her close family, including her five year old son! When Rebecca isn’t at Paw Pals, she can be found bonding with her son watching Paw Patrol, or reminiscing about her days as a Veterinary Technician!

F48BF22C-D29E-4722-9821-6C6E58A6C121 - Kasandra Hernandez (1).jpeg


Administrator and In Home Care Provider

Kasy has been with the team for a year and a half. “Question everything, make sure to adventure, and always remember to love,” are the words she live by. When she isn’t working, she can be found watching Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn 99, and The Good Place. Fun fact: She’s really good at sounding like a cat, so don’t let her fool you!



In Home Care Provider

Tatiana has been with Paw Pals for a little over two years, and while she doesn’t have any pets of her own, she sees the entire Paw Pals pack as her fur-family. When Tatiana isn’t at work she can be found watching 101 Dalmatians.



In Home Care Provider

Emily is from North Rockland, and joined the Paw Pals team in August of 2018. She is the proud dog mom to 2 Havaneses’, Jackson and Charlie, and six turtles! Emily became a turtle mom when she was seven, and has been taking care of the amphibians ever since. When she isn’t with her animal friends, she can be found watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”



In Home Care Provider

Tara, from Stony Point, NY, has been with Paw Pals for three months. She has a fun and loving Cockapoo named Milo, and enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. Her favorite quote, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,” inspired her to join the team.


Jose, “Junior”

In Home Care Provider

4142285D-CC9A-442A-BDDA-E548B4D179CC - Alexander Kanter.jpeg


In Home Care Provider

Alex joined the team two years ago, and is originally from Long Island, NY. When he isn’t taking care of other people’s furbabies, he’s taking care of his own fur-children: Vixie (Baby Chihuahua), Kitty the kitty, and Wonton the Uromastyx! You can catch Alex in his free time catching up on Queer Eye, reading, and riding a unicycle.



In Home Care Provider



In Home Care Provider

Brian has been with Paw Pals for half a year, and is from Tappan, NY. When he isn’t walking other people’s furbabies, he can be found with his own, Crystal the Golden Retriever. Outside of pet care, Brian can play the mandolin and liked the 2018 movie, Isle of Dogs.



In Home Care Provider

Tyler, from Tappan, NY, joined the team over the summer of 2018. He has 3 schnauzer puppies at home, Cooper, Beamer, and Hummer. Tyler is constantly making music, but when he has to take a break he can be found binge watching shows like Catdog, Bar Rescue, and Shark Tank. Tyler always remembers, “You gotta believe.”



Daycare Pack Leader

Wanda has been with Paw Pals for 8 months, and enjoys being a mommy to 2 beautiful girls, and Mason her Maltese. Wanda is constantly working on herself and her knowledge and ability to work with any and all pets. In her spare time she can be found watching Chicago PD, Pit bulls and Paroles, and Too Cute.



Daycare Pack Leader


Devaughn, DJ

Daycare Pack Leader

DJ has been with Paw Pals for 3 years, and is from Garnerville, NY. DJ leads a hectic life, but looks forward to coming to the daycare each week and playing with all of his fur-friends. When DJ isn’t at Paw Pals, he can be found leading his Summit Cheer Team to victory, or watching Game of Thrones with Simba, his Pit Bull Terrier.



In Home Care Provider

Trevor is from Los Angeles, CA and started with the Paw Pals team this spring. He has a Golden Retriever, Barbie, a Super Mix, Dante, and a cat, Mimi. When Trevor isn’t taking care of his furbabies and his fur-friends at Paw Pals he is a children with special needs care provider.